Aboriginal Reference Group
North-West, Mid-West and North of Swan River
A District facilitation group that Clubs can call upon to assist them establish a strategic partnership / alliance with Western Australian Aboriginal Communities. The specific aims of the Group are to collaborate with Clubs and Aboriginal Communities at the local level:
  • to build respect for the heritage and culture of Aboriginal people;
  • to foster engagement and relationships with Aboriginal people;
  • to listen to what Aboriginal people want;
  • to work together and take actions in genuine partnership;
  • to provide guidelines to Clubs so that they can conduct projects of mutual benefit to ALL Australians; and
  • for projects where the Reference Group’s expertise is required, to work jointly with Clubs to assist them to progress projects.
Chair: Bruce Dufty (Western Endeavour)

Members: DGE Lindsay Dry (Dalkeith)
PDG Phillip Skelton (Perth)
PDG Sylvia Byers (Mosman Park)
PP Gary Slee (Karratha)
Dr Andrew Turk, Adjunct Professor, Murdoch University
Dr Colin Hughes (Swan Valley)
Sam Mesiti (Mount Lawley)
Peter Stone (Morley)
Leonie Dobrowski, Aboriginal Culture and Art Interests
Jane Boxall, Aboriginal Culture Qualifications and Interests
Aboriginal Consultants: Dr Noel Nannup,  Karen Jacobs