Tim Muirhead, is non-Aboriginal, and is the Director of the CSD Network. He has been a leading figure in the field of Reconciliation in WA since 1997.  He has also worked in community development and community relations since 1982, and is the author of two books based on this community development insights and expertise.
Most of Tim’s career has been focused on reconciliation, which he defines as ‘the process of healing and building trust after conflict or wrong-doing’. This work became more apparent when, in 1997, he was selected by the Commonwealth Government to be the non-Aboriginal co-coordinator for Australians for Reconciliation in WA. 
Since then Tim has, in partnership with Aboriginal colleagues (including Danny Ford), supported thousands of people and organisations striving to make sense of their own place in striving to build trust with Aboriginal Australians, and to support Aboriginal efforts in recovery and strength-building. 
Sometimes, people mistakenly assume that Tim can advise on Aboriginal culture and experiences. But this is not the case. His focus is firmly on his own mob: non-Aboriginal Australians. He has explored, for 25 years: what can we do – individually and collectively – to create genuine, positive change in the wake of damaging policies, practices and assumptions? And what might we need to change, in our own conscious and unconscious thinking, if we’re going to be effective partners in positive, Aboriginal-led, development?