Posted on Feb 06, 2019
Does Rotary as we know it today have a future?  Will we be here in 20 years?  What should we look like?  Are you wanting to make an investment for the future?
By answering YES, member volunteers from Rotary District 9455 put up their hands to look at ways to support the on-going viability of Rotary through our Forum for the Future workshops.
In July 2018, District Governor Charles Johnson wrote to all members of Rotary District 9455 inviting them to nominate to be part of a working group looking at the future of Rotary. He wrote:
"Does Rotary as we know it today have a future?  Will we be here in 20 years?  What should we look like?  Are you wanting to make an investment for the future?
District 9455 is looking to the future and is wanting Rotarians with a strong vision for a progressive, creative and dynamic future to be part of this journey.  If you are challenged and thinking progressively about how we will being doing Rotary in the next 10 years so it is attractive, connected, relevant and viable, then read on.  
I invite and encourage you to nominate to be an active contributor to a workshop that will be seriously challenging how we do Rotary.  Do we need to disrupt, revolutionise, reconceptualise, deconstruct and rebuild?  The workshop is about creating new ideas and the Board of D9455 is serious about supporting and incubating new possibilities that emerge from this process."
Since then, the Forum for the Future working group was established with members coming together on 11th August. With the encouragement of facilitator Angus Buchanan, the group brainstormed issues both good and bad with Rotary. These issues were collated into areas of focus and at the 3rd December meeting, the main areas of focus identified at the first workshop were fleshed out. The next steps will be taken at a workshop to be held on 21st February.
In encouraging members of the working groups to prepare for the workshop, District Governor Nominee Jon Bilson who will be working with the team wrote:
"With January behind us we are gearing up for the next Forum of the Future (FoF) session in just a few weeks’ time. As per the notes taken at the last gathering by DG Charles, each of the Working Group leaders/co-ordinators have been appointed and they are already working on some of the exciting ideas that you have all contributed so far. To keep the energy and momentum going and to ensure your input continues to be incorporated, you are invited (or should that be requested….) to self-nominate and join a working group asap by contacting the leaders directly (their email addresses are below). It is vital that we continue to progress actions from the ideas and great start we have made on this journey and I urge you to get involved with a group and join us at the next Forum meeting (Judy will soon send out the meeting invite). Members have self nominated to join groups working on the following areas:
Watch the website and other district communication for future updates.