Give a Feed - Thank you!
Over the November-December festive season, thanks to Rotary’s support network, Give a Feed rocketed past its 2022 target of 3,000 family hampers, to reach an impressive 4,300 hampers. A fantastic result, as the most recent campaign raised over $129,000.
Thanks to your generosity, Rotary's supporters, and Foodbank's bulk-buying and distribution power, an estimated 17,200 Western Australians doing it tough received a festive feed this year.
This is a key Rotary service initiative that all WA Rotarians can actively promote with passion and vigour.  Since its inception in 2012, this program has now raised over $817,500, delivered over 30,900 hampers, and fed (on rough averages) over 120,000 people a festive meal.
Give a Feed is a great way to acknowledge family and friends, and advocate corporate gifting right across the professional and business community — by recognising valued work colleagues, employees, suppliers, clients and customers etc. It helps Rotary engage productively with business and professional networks to mutual benefit, especially as all donations are tax deductible! That’s Service above self! in action.
All hampers are packed by volunteers and distributed by Foodbank WA to ensure they reach those who are most vulnerable in our community. We have many corporate volunteer groups clamouring to participate on packing days.
Give A Feed hampers help West Australian families in need celebrate the festive season and not go hungry. Tens of thousands of West Australian families struggle to put food on the table each Christmas. Regrettably, hunger is a growing crisis in WA with at least half a million people struggling to afford enough food to eat in the past year. Sadly more than 100,000 are children.
If you want to know more, please contact Heirisson Rotary over the coming year. (Facebook: @HeirissonRotary)