19th July

SOS in the CoS – People of Action

Statistics from the 2016 Census identified that there were 520 people experiencing homelessness in the City of Stirling, the highest local government figure in Western Australia. Homelessness is the theme for a planned major collaborative project, but the Rotary Club of Karrinyup is also keen to assist the homeless with a number of smaller projects.

In discussions with our contact at the City of Stirling several weeks ago, an area was identified, where our club could make a difference this winter. The mission was to help the homeless by providing some relief from the cold in the form of additional clothing. The aim was to collect a quantity of 200 or more beanies, socks, gloves and small blankets to be distributed by the City of Stirling in backpacks.

Over a period of just several weeks, the RC Karrinyup team, being 'People of Action,' enthusiastically ran with the project and gathered items from work and friends. They also operated a stall to collect donated items from the local community at the Stirling Farmers Market.

The final count was 236 beanies, 202 blankets, 225 pairs of socks and 237 pairs of gloves. Many, many thanks to all, who contributed in so many different ways. Homeless people in our community will stay a little warmer for your efforts.

It had been planned to hand the items over to the City of Stirling at the end of June but this had to be rescheduled due to COVID lock down.

The Rotary Club of Karrinyup was proud to step up and respond to the SOS. This is Rotary in action and Rotary serving to change the lives of those in need in a simple but effective way. – ENDS

Picture attached:

Thomas and Beth from City of Stirling were thrilled to receive the fabulous collection from RC Karrinyup’s Sandra and Mick.

For further information contact Carolyn Prunster Secretary Rotary Club of Karrinyup Tel: 0417 979 411