Posted by Grace Ramirez, RI Office on Aug 15, 2019
Here is an easy access to a set of resources that will simplify your dealings with Rotary International.
These resources include ‘how-to’ guides, links to RI resources, along with guidelines on who to work with at Rotary when dealing with various issues.  We have attempted to organise these resources in a way that you will find quick and intuitive.  To get started, click this link to the Resource Guide for Club Officers. Please save this PDF on your computer so that you always have ready access to it.

While our objective is to save you time in performing your role, the information will also be useful to others in your club.  The information is not confidential so feel free to include the above link in your club bulletin and, if you have a club website, we would encourage you to place the link there as well.  It would also be beneficial for districts to include these resources in their bulletins and website.

If you find that there are additional Rotary resources to which you need easy access, please let us know.

Grace Ramirez
Manager, International Office and Financial Services
RI South pacific & philippines office