“We Do”...
World first- Husband and Wife Rotary Presidents
We are humbled with the responsibility of being a world first husband and wife Rotary presidential team but we are excited with the possibilities that awaits with our continual evolution as a network of positive connections.
Thanks to Ross Robertson and our inaugural board for setting up a springboard of impactful projects and an impressive A list speaker program, all the while having fun.
The clubs adaptability and flexibility to manage and rebound from COVID-19 has been remarkable.
Here is an insight to what we imagine..
City Rotary 
A Reimagined Rotary.
A community of inspirers sharing.
Assisting busy professionals give back.
Applying our skills with like hearted connections to pay it forward.
KPI’s to grow our club to 150...
Corporate Membership to grow to 20 
We are all 100% invested to ask not what our reimagined club can do for us but to ask what can we do for our reimagined club.
James and Cath Sutherland