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RAWCS PROJECT 108-2019-20, to provide scrub caps, scrubs, laundry and shoe bags for nurses and support staff in West Australian Hospitals (RACG) was signed off as complete on 14 November 2021.
This project supplied over 20,000 face masks to front line health workers. At a minimum retail value of $10 per mask, this equates to over a $200,000 donation. The other great benefit of this project was the mental health benefits to many participants. At a time of great stress during the initial stages of the COVID19 shut down strategies, this project gave individuals the opportunity to reach out and connect to the wider community is a safe manner. It has also encouraged the adoption by these people of other worthwhile charitable sewing projects, giving them an ongoing interest once the need for masks reduces.
This project shows the power of a matching grant...$4000 from an RACG grant, $4000 from sponsor club, Rotary Club of Western Endeavour plus donations from RC of Karrinyup (~$1000) and various smaller donations returned items to the value of $200,000. 
Supported by the Rotary Clubs of
Dalkeith and Nedlands
A Song For A School is sponsored by Shenton College, NAB, Nedlands & Dalkeith Rotary clubs.
A Song For A School is a family friendly charity concert, raising funds for school supplies to send to Pakistan to assist children in receiving an education.
Featuring artists such as: SCHOOL OF ROCK, Chelsea J Gibson ( The Voice! finalist), Alexis Maree, Deena Shaikh, Georgia Gilchrist, Amelia Lai, Phoebe Yen, Tony Jing, Bailey Perrie, and more...
2022 District 9455 Conference Art Competition for Link Schools
Is your Rotary link school participating in the 2022 District 9455 Conference Art Competition?
The art competition is taking place NOW in Term 4. Schools have until the end of their school year to complete the artwork.
What format will the competition take?
The artwork will be in the form of an A2 poster. Students are invited to investigate a West Australia Aboriginal artist that they like and present an informative poster about the artist. Please have a look at the specifications in the Rotary District 9455 Art competition – schools’ letter that came attached to an email to club presidents back in August or see below.
Who is the competition for and who decides who will enter?
The poster competition is for art students in Years 7 to 10. Schools will decide how many students will participate and, if possible, build this into their program for Term 4 or it can be done as a private activity at home.
How much will it cost for your link school to enter the competition?
Cost to the Rotary Club = $100. If you have more than one link school the fee will be discounted.
Please look at the details provided in the Rotary District 9455 Art Competition – Letter to Rotary Clubs which was emailed to club presidents back in August or see below.
There are some great prizes on offer including art materials and the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with an established artist. Please get behind this reconciliation initiative. 
Didn’t get the email about the competition? Contact Ros Marshall, District Chair Aboriginal Reference Group for the details. or phone 0413 221 253
Our club is having a fundraising movie night of the new Bond Movie: No Time to Die.
The date is Sunday 14 November at 6.15pm at the Windsor Cinema Nedlands.
For a bargain $35 fundraising price each person also receives a raffle ticket and a bottle of water. 
Funds raised will go toward our International causes we support.
Tickets can be purchased on line at Trybooking.
Coming Attractions on Membership Voice:
Click the link to register for Making Swan Rotaract (AG Matthew Pham and President Thomas Baines)  5pm WST on Tuesday 23 November.  
The upcoming webinar on Tuesday 23rd November will feature Matthew and President Thomas and they'll be talking about the journey of chartering the Swan Rotaract Club.
Hear about the newest Rotaract Club in the Rotary WA family, how they came to be and what they learnt. 
For Matthew, it's been a 3 year project turning a fragile idea into a fully fledged Rotaract Club and he'll be sharing some of the lessons and key takings in starting up a Rotaract Club - in short it takes A LOT of work but it can be done! He knows there's a few Clubs wanting to start up a Rotaract Club in WA so he highly recommends tuning into the webinar.
Here's a great opportunity to support young local Rotary and Rotaract leaders by attending the Swan Rotaract club's charter night 

Join us for REQ's Annual General Meeting on Thursday 2nd December! Our AGM will be held at Bar Sequel. 
Our Annual General Meetings are always an excellent opportunity to come together as a club and celebrate
everything we have achieved over the past year. All are welcome!
We cordially invite you all to celebrate our Official Charter Night!
The event will be held on Saturday 4th December at the Bassendean Bowling Club 
from 6:00pm until 9:30pm.
Purchase of ticket includes Food and the opportunity to play Lawn Bowls.
Drinks aren't included in the ticket price but can be purchased at the bar.  
Please Note: If you're playing lawn bowls it will be no shoes but socks on the green is permitted.
Tickets are $40 each 
If this event has to be changed due to COVID19 restrictions the event will be
postponed and all attendees will be notified via email.
Click on the picture above or the link to buy tickets 
   Camp Opportunity 2022
Sunday 16th  Jan -> Saturday 22nd Jan 2022
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