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Rotary Kununurra Blue Tree 
#BlueTreeProject completed for Mental Health Awareness month this year.
While we were painting, we had many conversations about how this tree might just be a prompt for people to check in on friends and family, or to find the courage to ask for help when they're not doing okay themselves. We want to help remove the stigma and shame around talking about when we're not doing ok ...
We will be adding some QR codes to the tree that will take you directly to the Blue Tree website with an extensive list of support services you can access just by using your smart phone camera. We will also be linking to some useful resources to help someone else, it can be hard finding the right way and the right time to ask a friend if they're okay.
With thanks to and support from Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, Kununurra Home Hardware and Kennards Hire Kununurra.
Click here for the full FaceBook post and pictures.
Rotary Impacting Lives Danjoo Koorliny
Karrinyup Rotary has been privileged to support Riding for the Disabled Carine for eighteen years. Led by builder Ross, together with engineer Stuart, the club was integral in providing the leadership, advice, consultancy and technical expertise to convert RDA's need for an all weather facility into a proposal that could be submitted for both approval and funding for the facility, which opened in 2019. At the recent renaming ceremony to Danjoo Koorliny, one family told how the arena has provided an incredibly important place within the community and especially for their family. The club subsequently received an email and photos from Fiona and Andrew, which tell a beautiful Rotary story, well worth sharing. This is why we do what we do!
There is no question that this arena provides an incredibly important place within the community and certainly in the life of our family. As you’re aware, James has been involved for nearly 3 years and the progress he has made has been unmistakable. He started RDA as a little boy who was severely traumatised by heart surgery, subsequent life-support 2x with emergency interventions and so many other medical complications. When he first sat on a horse he was terrified - now, it’s the absolute joy of his week!
The confidence it has given him is remarkable, but the physical therapy aspect has led to greater gross and fine motor skills, resulting in the ability to write his name just this past month. This is such a huge achievement.  The smile on his face in this photo says it all and he now happily sits, backwards, sideways, waves to me with both arms and can now use reins. The Arena has provided a safe covered space to utilise in winter and summer. For us this was particularly significant as James also has a lung defect and on continuous prophylactic antibiotics (the same regime as a child with cystic fibrosis).  Being immune deficient and knowing that he is protected from the elements in winter has been a necessary and vital element to him riding. Words cannot begin to describe the difference Carine RDA has made to James and therefore, our lives also - thank you.
To now have Josh involved in Horse Vaulting is just fabulous. He is thriving and has his sights set on 2032 Olympics already! To have this available within our own community and be affordable, is such a privilege and gift. We have explained to Josh how extraordinary this is (instead of driving an hour and it only being an elite sport) and we are sure it will remain a firm and amazing memory of both their formative years.
We realise this is only a small part of everything you do. Rotary truly does impact and change lives forever - we treasure and recognise the significance of the gift of horse riding within our very own community and the incredible impact it is having not only for both our boys, but therefore our family as well.
Warm regards Fiona and Andrew, Joshua and James
Your Invitation to please join us at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel for the Book Launch of "Cambodian Adventures" with Jim Pollock and to hear an update from Perth Rotary's International Committee on our latest International projects and how they are doing during the COVID Pandemic.  
Many Rotarians from other clubs in the district have been on "The House that Jack Built" and are familiar with the author Jim Pollock and his wife Elaine, both of whom have been team leaders in the project. Jim and Elaine will be with us on the 3rd Dec to launch & sign copies of their new book: "Cambodian Adventures".
2022 District 9455 Conference Art Competition for Link Schools
Is your Rotary link school participating in the 2022 District 9455 Conference Art Competition?
The art competition is taking place NOW in Term 4. Schools have until the end of their school year to complete the artwork.
What format will the competition take?
The artwork will be in the form of an A2 poster. Students are invited to investigate a West Australia Aboriginal artist that they like and present an informative poster about the artist. Please have a look at the specifications in the Rotary District 9455 Art competition – schools’ letter that came attached to an email to club presidents back in August or see below.
Who is the competition for and who decides who will enter?
The poster competition is for art students in Years 7 to 10. Schools will decide how many students will participate and, if possible, build this into their program for Term 4 or it can be done as a private activity at home.
How much will it cost for your link school to enter the competition?
Cost to the Rotary Club = $100. If you have more than one link school the fee will be discounted.
Please look at the details provided in the Rotary District 9455 Art Competition – Letter to Rotary Clubs which was emailed to club presidents back in August or see below.
There are some great prizes on offer including art materials and the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with an established artist. Please get behind this reconciliation initiative. 
Didn’t get the email about the competition? Contact Ros Marshall, District Chair Aboriginal Reference Group for the details. or phone 0413 221 253
Celebrating Probus Day during the month of October 2021.
Probus South Pacific Limited encouraged all Probus clubs throughout Australia to organize a special event for Probus day during the month of October.
Many do the celebration in their own preferred manner, whether it be an organized outing, picnic , movies, luncheon, etc.
Winthrop Probus
Had a saucerful high tea event at Piney Lakes.
Photos below:
Morley Ladies Probus:
They celebrated their Probus day on 8 November as this is their 30th anniversary. They still have two of the original members Kaye Gobby and Elaine Delavale who attended the first meeting organised by Rotary in 1991. Both ladies have continued to be active in the club. Kaye Gobby is the attendance office.
Hollywood Kings Park Probus
Celebrated Probus day at their general meeting on 23rd September, with the guest speaker being Harjit Singh
    Scarborough Beach Probus: 
Celebrated on 1st October.  
This year a picnic on Lake Gwelup Reserve was once again organised by the club and other clubs invited. The weather forecast was dire, promising stormy weather, however participants managed to have their picnic without disruption, only an occasional light sprinkling, and the rain set in when people were packing up to leave.  Many club members who would have attended probably were concerned about the weather situation so did not attend, but members from Karrinyup/North Beach, Glengarry, Wembley Downs, and North Coast Probus were present, as were 21 of the Scarborough Beach members.  Altogether 35 Probians attended.  In addition, Local MP Stuart Aubrey and Karlo Perkov, Ward Counsellor from City of Stirling attended towards the end of the picnic, and both addressed the gathered Probus members.
The attendees all seemed to enjoy the fellowship and friendship qualities which the clubs are based on, and it is to be hoped that next year the weather will be kinder, the picnic will be successful and enjoyed by all who attend.
Ellenbrook Probus Club:
Celebrated Probus day on 13th October at Whiteman Park. with a very successful sausage sizzle
Members from the City of Swan including the Mayor, the shadow minister for seniors Donna Faragher MLC and representatives from PAWA along with 47 Club members
It was success and we have received 10 new applications to join our group following this event. We will repeat it again in 2022
  Geraldton Probus:
October Probus Day celebration was marked by our Outback 2000 km trek to Murchison, Gascoyne J.; Kennedy ranges and Mt. Augustus. 
This club is very active with a passionate committee to make things happen.
Our Probus Club continues to have regular visits to support the areas new and renovated hostelries, and these included during October the new Tavern at Nabawa and the Blue Bone in down-town Tarcoola.
Our focus on our Outback trek for next year will be to visit Kalgoorlie- Coolgardie.
Finally, I would like to mention that our Probus Club is mindful of its semi-remote Midwest location.   We plan to book a table as we ïnvade"the PAWA AGM in March 2022.   However, it is probably too ambitious to hope that our members would be interested in visiting Perth for Probus regular monthly meetings.  So, the issue leads me to recommend that we (PAWA) look at forming a Probus Club in Dongara/ Port Dennison and if that was successful perhaps an evaluation on Jurien Bay /Leeman/ Greenheads.   You could rely on a Geraldton presence during the formative weeks of these proposed clubs to assist with a smooth introduction.
Happy for you to kick the ball down the Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive and see where the game takes us.
Cottesloe Probus – Ladies:
They had a early Probus Day celebration in September with a focus FUN. Their entertainer was a magician, with spooky fun affairs, enjoyed by all.
Richard Ladny
Probus Chairperson for District 9455
We cordially invite you all to celebrate our Official Charter Night!
The event will be held on Saturday 4th December at the Bassendean Bowling Club 
from 6:00pm until 9:30pm.
Purchase of ticket includes Food and the opportunity to play Lawn Bowls.
Drinks aren't included in the ticket price but can be purchased at the bar.  
Please Note: If you're playing lawn bowls it will be no shoes but socks on the green is permitted.
Tickets are $40 each 
If this event has to be changed due to COVID19 restrictions the event will be
postponed and all attendees will be notified via email.
Click on the picture above or the link to buy tickets 
Watch this to hear the wins and challenges
Chartering the Swan Rotaract Club
MatthewPham.......Last week I was on Membership Voice alongside Tom to speak about Swan Rotaract and what we've learnt in starting up the Club. As you're aware it's been a lot of work over the past 3 years to get to where the Club is today. Hopefully it'll be a guide for other people and Clubs who are interested in starting up a Rotaract Club. It could also be extended to those asking how to attract new young members and keep them engaged within the Rotary network.
Here is the webinar link: 
   Camp Opportunity 2022
Sunday 16th  Jan -> Saturday 22nd Jan 2022
Click here for Camper Nomination form
Click here for Buddy Nomination form
Click here for Camp Opportunity flyer