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Greetings to all Rotarians and friends in District 9455,
Informal feedback from our joint District Conference has all been positive, after almost two years of planning, it was a terrific weekend in Mandurah!
We were so very fortunate to have RI Director Vicki Puliz and her husband Tim here in person to represent RI President Jennifer Jones. Our conference is the only District Conference this year across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, to have someone from overseas in this role. Vicki and Tim are from Nevada, USA and thoroughly enjoyed their time here in Perth and Mandurah.
Our speakers were all well-received and in particular, Evan Burrell and Phil Britten. The Friday night session with live music, food trucks, market stalls was well-attended by both conference delegates as well as the general public. Our Rotary Showcase was open to the public and many were seen learning more about Rotary.
The day on Saturday was our main program, led by the wonderful Kero O’Shea as our Master of Ceremonies.
The Conference Gala Dinner on Saturday night was also a terrific event, with delicious food, fabulous live music with the Varley Strings and we auctioned and raffled the two prints of the ‘Imagine’ paintings, raising over $3,700, all funds will go to End Polio Now.
Putting together a District Conference is a mammoth task and just cannot happen without the time, energy and expertise of a dedicated committee. Our committee was mainly made up of people from Swan Rotary and the Rotary Club of Southern Districts. Our District Executive Assistant Judy Dinnison and Jane O’Leary from RC Western Endeavour managed our registrations which was a very big job, and they did it so very well.
On behalf of everyone, thank you to all who came to the Conference and to each and every person who was part of the many hours of planning to make it happen.
We have District Assemblies coming up soon, please note that all club members are welcome to attend, not just the current/incoming office-bearers. Come along and network with other clubs, learn a bit about the latest changes to Rotary and the various ways in which you can contribute to the successful future of your club.
If you can’t come to the District Assembly closest to you, you are welcome to come to any of them, just make sure you register. The flier will be in this newsletter and on the District website.
For your Calendar – please make sure you have Saturday night on 17th June set aside as the date we will be celebrating District 9455. The other one is Saturday 1st July, this will also be an evening event – the launch of Rotary Western Australia, more exciting information on these events will be coming out soon.
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it ……
This month’s Public Image challenge … are you interested in public image and marketing? Would you like to be part of the team for Rotary Western Australia? We are keen to have people on board with an interest in this area, any expertise is very welcome too. Please give this some thought and let me know, I’m looking forward to hearing from you
Past challenges, in case you missed them:
1. July - The first challenge was to check out if there is one of those Rotary road signs in your area or on your way as you move around our State. Is it in good repair? If not, then please remove or fix it as it will be detrimental to the public image of Rotary if it looks old and tired.
2. August - Check your club’s website and see if it is up to date, particularly the calendar. This is sometimes the first place prospective Rotarians look and if the information is old, it also doesn’t give a good impression as to the current situation of the club.
3. September - When did you last talk to someone about why you are in Rotary and invite them to come with you to an event, project or a meeting? If it was more than a month ago, then I challenge you to try it again … did you know that most people join Rotary because they were invited?
4. October – Wear your Rotary pin, wear any pin you have that has the Rotary wheel on it. You never know when it might spark a conversation with someone who may well become a Rotarian and thereby have the chance to get the same joy out of helping others that you do.
5. November - Write an article, or a few words, to accompany a photo or photos of a Rotary activity. The community newspapers in particular are always looking for articles, and don’t stop there – The West is also keen to have ‘good news stories’ and we all know we want to see more of them.
6. December - visit the Brand Centre on My Rotary www.brandcenter.rotary.org You don’t even need to log in! Check out the huge number of resources available to you and your club to share your activities with the world. The templates are free and easy to use, go for it!
7. February – display the 4-Way Test at your place of work, or where you have your home office. It is one way of sharing some of our strongest principles.
I look forward to seeing you at a District Assembly near you!
Yours in Rotary service,
Click on the link or the flyer above to register for the location/date that suits you best. Registrations essential.
The RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) camp in May is fast approaching!
If you know someone who is 14-17 years of age who is
· Wanting an opportunity to develop and challenge themselves
· Looking to develop their self-esteem and confidence
· Interested in developing skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, goal setting and problem solving
· Wanting to build a network of young people and to make new friends
· Excited for a weekend of fun
Then we'd love to have them attend the RYPEN camp from 19th to 21st May 2023.
RYPEN depends on Rotary Clubs to sponsor participants, and the more participants we get the better the camp will be. We would love to welcome your applicant to the camp.
We've got an exciting and challenging program lined up for the weekend, so if you know of someone who would like to attend please get your applications as soon as possible.
Please send applications to rypen@rotary9465.org.au The camp costs $330 per attendee and your club will be invoiced later for the camp.
Applications close 1st May 2023.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to let me know. You can email program chair Roy Philbin at rypen@rotary9465.org.au
or call 0418 948 847
Click here for an application form.
Rotary Club of North Perth
Invitations for Rotary and partner participation will be issued shortly or 
contact us for enquiries. F: www.facebook.com/DuckDerbyforRotary
(* based on maximum permit tickets sold)
Margaret Martin from Transplant Australia wants to draw your attention to this article, 'One man’s driving adventure for the Gift of Life', in the Transplant World Journal
It would be wonderful if Anil had a lot of opportunities to talk to groups while he is in WA.
Here's an email from Anil:
Dear Fellow Rotarian,
I am the Charter President of the world’s first cause based Rotary club of Organ Donation RID 3232, inaugurated by RI President Shekhar Mehta. I Founded and chartered a total of 3 still active Rotary clubs. I request an invite to be a speaker at your club. I will be in the area March 21-April 25, on my drive to the next Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia via Argentina. A mission to unite Rotary for Organ Donation so NO ONE DIES WAITING FOR AN ORGAN.
Mission was kicked off at the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston by IPRI President Shekhar Mehta and the Next RI President Gordon. Driving about 40000 miles, my drive started in Bangalore, India. The Goal was to speak to 100 Rotary Clubs before I reach the next convention in May, 2023 and compete for India in the World Transplant games in Perth, Australia April 2023.
This mission is on for the past 8 year since my kidney donation. To reach a million potential donors with my story along with pertinent information about organ donation. IMAGINE WE ALL COME TOGETHER? IMAGINE THIS ROTARY. We did it for Polio. We can do it again.
I have reached about 250000 people so far with over 800 talks and on the road for over 800 days Driving across 57 countries. Spoken in over 530 Rotary clubs so far
My lecture covers
•How I dealt with all the fears associated with organ donation
•How I became a world record holding athlete after donating
•Navigating the legal and procedural issues that plagues Organ Donation around the world •About concerns that only first-hand interactions with a donor can help address.
•What happens after you sign up.
•I deal with religious and superstitious myths that surround Organ Donation that comes in the way to help save lives.
In All I speak about Ideas on what your club can do locally to make organ donation awareness part of your club's agenda. WATCH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XTYS3p6sA-w - Kickoff
Additional resources available here
Is there a club interested in organising a welcoming party for Anil for his arrival in Perth and to coordinate his visit.
Please contact Margaret Martin for further details by email
martin.margie@gmail.com or telephone 

0415 926 907


Transplant Australia are looking for volunteers to assist with the World Transplant Games to be held in Perth 

What’s required to be a volunteer?

There are some basic eligibility requirements you must meet to be a volunteer. Preference will be given to volunteers who are able to commit to at least three shifts.
Applicants must:
  • Be available between 15-21 April 2023 as a minimum.
  • Be aged 18 or over at the commencement of the Games. Children aged 14-18 can be involved with parental supervision.
  • Have valid and acceptable photo identification documents.
Volunteers at the World Transplant Games should register here https://worldtransplantgames.rosterfy.com.au/register
Click here to view catalogue
Click here for order form
Click here for how to order (payment to be made to RC Western Endeavour)
Supporting Our Mates Across the Ditch
Earlier this week RAWCS commenced fundraising activities to support the impacted communities resulting from the New Zealand Floods. Unfortunately, in recent days the floods have worsened due to the impact of cyclone Gabrielle.
RAWCS is calling on Rotarians to support our New Zealand neighbours by donating to the New Zealand appeal (details below). By contributing to the RAWCS appeal Australian Rotarians can receive a tax deduction and support our neighbours who have been an amazing support in recent years when Australians were in need with floods, fire and drought.
“The money raised from the Appeals will go directly and quickly to support those impacted, providing essential items and financial support to supplement the funds that are being provided by World Governments,” said Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd CEO Andrew Woodward. Rotary Australia World Community Service is a not-for-profit charity that aims to be the leading Australian charitable organization for people’s wellbeing, supporting Rotarians and Rotary Clubs undertaking humanitarian projects in Australia and overseas.
Tax Deductible Donations to the appeals can be made on the Rotary Australia World Community Service website at https://rawcs.org.au or directly to the appeals using the links below: New Zealand Flood Appeal https://donations.rawcs.com.au/60-2022-23
Another large earthquake hit Türkiye
and Syria 22 February
Once again, people are trapped under rubble as homes that were weakened by the earlier earthquakes came tumbling down. For those that survived the first earthquakes, last night’s tremors would have been traumatising, awakening a fresh round of fear.
Our emergency teams on the ground in Türkiye are safe and we are determined to keep doing everything we can to make sure people get the aid they need.
Watch the latest update from Dave Ray, who is in Gaziantep with the team.
We are getting aid into Türkiye and Syria as quickly as we can, working with local agencies and partners including Rotary.
Tents have already arrived in Türkiye, thermal blankets have arrived in Syria, and we’re expecting more aid – including mattresses and tents – to arrive in Syria soon. 
or click here and complete the donation form.
The donation form does not have to be completed and sent but Shelterbox do ask that clubs email Virginia Pieper details of the donation so it is credited to the correct club and district.  If your Clubs or individuals wants the donation to go specifically to the Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Emergency Appeal please advise Virginia.   Virginia.Pieper@shelterbox.org.au.   If not, it will go into the general ShelterBox account to assist disasters anywhere in the world.