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Time is running out to register for the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne in May.
Click here or on the picture above to register.
Geraldton & Kojonup still to come
If you haven't been able to attend a District Assembly, you are welcome to register for Geraldton or Kojonup 
Click on the link or the flyer above to register for the location/date that suits you best.
Registrations essential
It’s finally here! The “My Home” houses are nearing completion and 18 older women who are currently homeless will start moving into their new homes at the end of May.
Rotary WA has been a dedicated supporter of this “My Home” project and can proudly take credit for helping make these houses a reality. Rotary WA has provided homewares, furnishings and garden plants as well as bringing together other community groups such as Zonta, Soroptimists and Catholic Women’s League to work with us to transform the houses into very special homes.
Rotarians are invited to an Open House so they can inspect the houses on Saturday May 6 between 1 and 3pm

District Governor, Ineke Oliver, will welcome everyone and highlight the work of Rotary WA at 1.30pm.
PARKING. North Fremantle train station car park. Limited street parking in Congdon Street.
COME BY TRAIN. Direct access from North Fremantle train station.

The RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) camp in May is fast approaching!
If you know someone who is 14-17 years of age who is
· Wanting an opportunity to develop and challenge themselves
· Looking to develop their self-esteem and confidence
· Interested in developing skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, goal setting and problem solving
· Wanting to build a network of young people and to make new friends
· Excited for a weekend of fun
Then we'd love to have them attend the RYPEN camp from 19th to 21st May 2023.
RYPEN depends on Rotary Clubs to sponsor participants, and the more participants we get the better the camp will be. We would love to welcome your applicant to the camp.
We've got an exciting and challenging program lined up for the weekend, so if you know of someone who would like to attend please get your applications as soon as possible.
Please send applications to rypen@rotary9465.org.au The camp costs $330 per attendee and your club will be invoiced later for the camp.
Applications close 1st May 2023.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to let me know. You can email program chair Roy Philbin at rypen@rotary9465.org.au
or call 0418 948 847
Click here for an application form.
We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch event for Rotary Western Australia and invite you to Save the Date for this special occasion.
This will be a great opportunity to gather together and welcome in the new Rotary year, hear from a distinguished keynote speaker, and enjoy an evening of networking, delicious canapés, and refreshing drinks.
Keep an eye out for more info to come!
ROMAC restarts its aid project after COVID-19 pandemic
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) is the Rotary Zone 8 charity that facilitates medical aid for children in the form of life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery, not accessible to them in their home countries. We are run entirely by volunteers, overheads are funded by investment income and all donations go directly to the care of children. We help the children and mothers of our island neighbours in Oceania.
There is pent up demand for our help from our shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently have 5 patients in treatment and we are looking at possibly another 20 plus children before the end of the year. We need YOUR HELP now to meet this demand.
We need Rotarians or Rotaractors to fill the following 6 vacancies at the National level:
• Medical Director - make life-saving treatment decisions
• Fundraising Chair - enable ROMAC to pay for children’s treatment
• HR, Training and Recruitment Coordinator - help recruit and train our volunteers
• Meetings Secretary - manage our virtual organisation
• Coordinator - support our online processes
• Operations Manager - look after our patients and their carers
All positions are up to 4 years tenure and expressions of interest together with a CV should be directed to the Deputy Chair, Glenys Parton, at deputychair@romac.org.au. Expressions of interest are due in by 25 April 2023.
People can also volunteer to work on their Regional ROMAC Committee in roles like fundraising, communications and media, Hospital liaison, Club involvement, patient care and hosting, and any other roles like Secretary and Treasurer when deemed necessary by the Region.
Your District is in the ROMAC Western Region and the Regional Chair is Phil Cordery. Please contact your Chair on 0419 047 075 or via email at western@romac.org.au to express your interest to serve on the Regional ROMAC Committee.
We very much appreciate and thank those that continuously give us financial support but unfortunately the number of clubs and individuals that donate to ROMAC is currently about a third of the number that used to support pre-COVID. As we move to the end of this Rotary year, if you and/or your Club have any surplus funds, please consider donating to ROMAC.
Donations can be made through our website (www.romac.org.au), donating online at www.romac.org.au/donate or at the New Zealand Rotary Shop or by contacting our Treasurer, Stephen Noble at treasurer@romac.org.au or on 0417 811 072.
Give a little, get back a lot. Show you care by volunteering or giving to ROMAC and helping these children in need.
We can help you and your Club by:
• offering you a ROMAC speaker to make a presentation at one of your meetings. Please contact your ROMAC Regional Chair if you would like to take up our offer.
• providing opportunities for you and your Rotary colleagues to have real, meaningful, hands on experiences helping to save the lives of children from our Oceania neighbours.
Contact me if you would like more information about ROMAC or visit our website www.romac.org.au.
Yours in Rotary,
Ian “D’Arcy” Walsh
24 Salisbury Terrace,
Collinswood 5081, South Australia
Mobile: +(61) 0418 844 170
Email: chair@romac.org.au
Rotary International is globally recognised and admired for its participation and passionate involvement in community development projects around the planet. As individual Rotarians we proudly participate, thorough our local chapters in supporting our local communities on a daily basis.
As a proud member of Rotary, and quite new to Rotary, I am also a proud member of The International Association for Community Development (IACD) https://www.iacdglobal.org/ . Monthly Zoom webinars are held where we discuss subjects such as poverty, homelessness, fund raising, natural disaster relief (Türkiye earthquake) and refugee aid (war in The Ukraine). Participants attend from countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Scotland, Kenya, South Africa, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. A world conference is held in a different country each year, this year the World Community Development Conference is held from June 20-22, 2023, at the Darwin Convention Centre, https://www.wcdc2023fromtheedge.org.au/
I will be attending this conference in Darwin this year as a proud member of Kwinana Rotary and Rotary WA, I encourage other Rotarians from WA to attend as it is a perfect opportunity for Rotarians to network and share ideas with other community development practitioners on an international stage.
Anthony Miller
World Immunization Week 2023
World Immunization Week: Vaccines Save Lives
During World Immunization Week, 24-30 April, join us in advocating for polio eradication and the importance of vaccines. As one of the greatest advances of modern medicine, vaccines are safe, effective, and save millions of lives each year. Our progress in the fight to end polio is proof that vaccines work. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative estimates that the polio vaccine has saved more than 20 million children around the world from paralysis. However, approximately 12.5 million children are totally unvaccinated. They are known as zero-dose children, and vaccinating them is critical to stopping polio for good. We need to continue vaccinating the world’s children against polio, because polio anywhere is a threat everywhere. Here’s how you can support Rotary’s efforts during World Immunization Week:  
§  Use the World Immunization Week Toolkit for graphics and sample posts to share on social media with the hashtags #EndPolio and #VaccinesWork.
§  Download and share our video, “Zero-Dose Children.”
§  Donate to PolioPlus to help Rotary and our partners deliver polio vaccines to vulnerable children. Or start an online fundraiser to help us end polio using Raise for Rotary and share it with your network. Contributions will be matched 2-to-1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Rotary districts can give District Designated Funds (DDF) to PolioPlus to help meet our goal of raising US$50 million each year to eradicate polio.  
Join us during World Immunization Week and remind the world that together, we end polio.

World Immunization Week messages are sent to a broad range of polio eradication advocates, including: • The RI Board of Directors and directors-elect • The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees and incoming trustees • Past RI presidents • District governors, assistant governors, and governors-elect • Rotary and Rotaract club presidents • Regional leaders (RRFCs, RCs, RPICs, E/MGAs, and End Polio Now coordinators) • District Rotary Foundation chairs • The Communications Committee • End Polio Now newsletter subscribers • PolioPlus committees (the International PolioPlus Committee, End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign Committee, Polio Eradication Advocacy Task Forces, PolioPlus national advocacy advisers, national PolioPlus chairs, district PolioPlus subcommittee chairs)
Latest Polio news update to April 1
Polio this week as of 29 March
Wild Polio Virus Summary:
  • New wild poliovirus isolates reported this week: AFP cases: 0 Environment: 1 Others: 0   New cVDPV isolates reported this week: AFP cases 40 Environment: 5 Others:  2 Headlines:
  • The Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell, MP, Minister of State (Development and Africa), United Kingdom, is the latest Polio Gender Champion.  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) recognizes that both gender responsive programming and organizational change are key to gender mainstreaming. Polio eradication interventions cannot effectively reach every last child unless informed by sex-disaggregated data and gender-sensitive analysis.  The Gender Champion for Polio Eradication is a concrete effort to build off of the current movement by high-level, national and international gender champions and to highlight the role of gender in achieving polio eradication, by committing to the GPEI Gender Equality Strategy and supporting its full implementation. 
  • The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization (SAGE) met last week in Geneva, to deliberate on a broad range of immunization issues, including on polio eradication.  On polio eradication, to enable and ensure a timely and effective response, SAGE stressed conducting outbreak response without delay.  For outbreak response with oral polio vaccines, novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) should be used preferentially.  However, if unavailable, Sabin OPV type 2 could be used under exceptional circumstances, such as due to a supply shortage of nOPV2, inability to achieve Emergency Use Listing (EUL) readiness, or co-circulation with other polioviruses warranting response with trivalent oral polio vaccine.   To more rapidly boost immunity levels, nOPV2 could be used at shorter intervals (1-2 week interval, compared to traditional 4-week interval).  The group also recommended that in areas of persistent poliovirus circulation, countries should supplement outbreak response with additional campaigns using inactivated polio vaccine (IPV - full or fractional dose).  More.   
  • In Afghanistan, the polio programme provides vital support to nationwide measles vaccination.  More
  • From Pakistan, read the latest newsletter from the country’s polio Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), available here
  • UN Foundation:  women are the backbone of immunization efforts and polio eradication.  More
  • This month marks two years since novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) began its field rollout. We interviewed co-leads of GPEI’s nOPV Working Group - Simona Zipursky (WHO) and Ananda Bandyopadhyay (BMGF) - on the journey and the vaccine’s performance so far.  Approximately 590 million doses of nOPV2 have been administered across 28 countries under its WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL) to date. An additional 13 countries have met the requirements for nOPV2 use in the event of an outbreak. For more information on nOPV2, visit: www.polioeradication.org/nOPV2
 Summary of new polioviruses this week: 
  • ·      Afghanistan:  one wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1)-positive environmental sample
  • ·       Central African Republic (CAR):  five circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) cases
  • ·       Chad:  two cVDPV2 cases
  • ·       Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo):  11 circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 (cVDPV1) cases and 22 cVDPV2 cases 
  • ·       Madagascar:  three cVDPV1-positive environmental samples
  • ·       Nigeria:  two cVDPV2-positive environmental samples
  •  Afghanistan:
  • One WPV1-positive environmental sample was reported this week, from Nangarhar province, collected on 1 March 2023.
  • In total, in 2023, 14 WPV1-positive environmental samples have been reported.
  • Pakistan: 
  • No WPV1 was reported this week.  In 2023, one WPV1 has been reported, from Bannu, part of the seven polio-endemic districts located in the southern area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with onset of paralysis on 20 February 2023.
  • Intensified efforts continue to be implemented in the country, and in particular in the southern area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to urgently eradicate the remaining endemic WPV1 transmission.  Since January 2021, all cases have been reported from seven polio-endemic districts in the southern area of Khyber Pahktunkhwa (out of a total of 171 districts nationwide).
·       Officially reported WPV1 and cVDPV cases as of 28 MARCH 2023
·       Wild poliovirus (WPV) 
·        Total global WPV1 cases in 2023: 1 (compared with 1 for the same period in 2022)
·       Total global WPV1 cases in 2022: 30
·       Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) cases
·       Total global cVDPV cases in 2023: 31 (compared with 29 for the same period in 2022)
·       Total global cVDPV cases in 2022: 814