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Greetings to all Rotarians and friends in District 9455,
What is the definition of resilience?
It is the ability to adapt to difficult situations … I like to think of it as ‘bouncing back’ and I must admit my resilience was sorely tested this past weekend!
I’ve just had a fabulous time attending the Zone 8 Conference in Canberra. There were about 400 Rotarians and Rotaractors all together in one place, with people from near and far. Not only from our Zone but also from Scotland (RI President Elect Gordon McInally) and USA. There was quite a few of us from WA, we were very well represented. It was truly an inspiring event and all involved are to be congratulated.
Prior to the event was a momentous occasion – meeting, in person, for the first time in 2 years, the other District Governors from across our zone. We had been meeting on zoom all this time, but it’s not quite the same as being together in person …. We had a day of discussing our plans, problem solving, sharing concerns and that is when disaster struck – with just the waving of an arm to make a point, someone knocked their glass of water over and yes, you guessed it … onto my laptop ….
My laptop is my computer, I don’t have another one at home. I use the laptop with a screen monitor. Thankfully Geoff was there, so he organised for Apple to check it out and it is now already on its way back to Perth from Sydney. I hope to get it back by the end of next week.
In the meantime, I am getting much more familiar with my iPad and Dropbox, which is where Geoff managed to save all my documents. It is definitely not the same as using my laptop. I am bouncing back but I must admit the bounces were not very big to start with!
Life is full of challenges for all of us, this one for me is definitely a ‘first world’ issue. All is not lost, I have access to past documents, I can use pen and paper and there is an end in sight. It has made me realise though, how lucky we are that we have access to this technology and labour-saving devices, not everyone has what we have, even here in WA.
Did you know, Rotary Youth Exchange is starting again, what an awesome program! I spent the weekend recently with the chairs and committees of RYE committees from across Australia. A group of passionate people, many of whom have seen the value of these exchanges for either themselves or their children. So, keep an eye out for the opportunity to be a host family. You need not have someone ‘young’ in your home, but you will have the chance to form lifelong friendships and have a real impact on someone’s life.
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it ……
This month’s challenge … have you ever thought of writing an article, or a few words, to accompany a photo or photos of a Rotary activity you’ve been involved with? It’s not hard to do and the community newspapers in particular are always looking for articles, and don’t stop there – The West is also keen to have ‘good news stories’ and we all know we want to see more of them.
Past challenges, in case you missed them:
1. July - The first challenge was to check out if there is one of those Rotary road signs in your area or on your way as you move around our State. Is it in good repair? If not, then please remove or fix it as it will be detrimental to the public image of Rotary if it looks old and tired.
2. August - Check your club’s website and see if it is up to date, particularly the calendar. This is sometimes the first place prospective Rotarians look and if the information is old, it also doesn’t give a good impression as to the current situation of the club.
3. September - When did you last talk to someone about why you are in Rotary and invite them to come with you to an event, project or a meeting? If it was more than a month ago, then I challenge you to try it again … did you know that most people join Rotary because they were invited?
4. October – Wear your Rotary pin, wear any pin you have that has the Rotary wheel on it. You never know when it might spark a conversation with someone who may well become a Rotarian and thereby have the chance to get the same joy out of helping others that you do.
Yours in Rotary service,
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Rotary Supporting My Home Project - Report
Date: 1st  November  2022
The Congdon St project is really speeding along.
However, with Christmas on the doorstep, the building industry goes a bit crazy,  because so many people want work ‘done before Christmas’.
At this stage Michelle is aiming for:-
  1. Practical Completion by builder: end of January
  2. Landscaping: February
  3. Rotary fit out of furnishings and homewares: end February
  4. Occupancy: March
Read the full report by clicking here
The 2022 Rotary Italian Car Day is on
Sunday 13 November
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The best Italian cars and bikes in Perth, all in one place.
All funds raised for charity. KIDS entry is free.
PLEASE forward to your friends, share on facebook etc.
You can help us to raise funds for community projects.
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Rotary International is committed to diversity and inclusion.
As part of our engagement with the Western Australian community, we are encouraging all Rotaractors and Rotarians to participate in the Perth Pride March on Saturday 26 November 2022 to show our support for the LGBTIQ+ community and demonstrate that Rotary is a diverse and inclusive organisation.
The Pride Parade March returns to James St Northbridge and will be much more interactive and a lot easier to manage the logistics for all.
With the change The Pride Parade is anticipating an significant increase to audience from last year and will also be live streamed to various venues around Perth and Online.  The organisers are expecting over 5,500 participants Marching.
We need your support and participate in our Pride March by Rotary WA. The event is free.
To register your attendance in the March, we require you to complete a registration form by Thursday 11 November.  All you need to is to click on the following link to register. 
If you are registering for friends or family members, please include their names with the registration.  Wrist bands will be issued on the day of the event and will be determined by the names on the registrations.
Dress theme: All things Rotarian.  Please wear all your Rotary apparel.  We would like to show as much Rotary shirts, hats and pins to identify as Rotary.  Apart from  that we encourage to bring some colour and pizzazz to the rest of your attire.
                             Date/Time: Dec 4, 6:45pm
Click here for the booking link
Perhaps you have been considering adding an Acknowledgement of Country to your meeting procedures but you are not sure how to proceed or perhaps not all members are supportive of the idea. Perhaps your club wants to do a project with an Aboriginal Community but needs some resources to help with the process. Perhaps members would like to be better informed about the Uluru Statement from the Heart, the Voice to parliament, a future Makarrata (truth telling) or a Treaty with Aboriginal people. No matter at which point your club is along the cultural awareness spectrum, Ros Marshall, Chair of the Rotary D9455 Aboriginal Reference Group (ARG) is available to talk to you.
If you would like to find out more about the ARG before planning to invite Ros to speak to the club, have a look at our excellent website at www.rotaryarg.org.au. The website contains a wealth of information about past successful Rotary projects from across the state. It also provides a manual for respectful engagement with the Aboriginal community and huge range of other resources to raise cultural awareness.
Why not invite Ros to be a guest speaker at your club? Presentations are tailormade to suit your club’s specific requirements.
PH: Ros Marshall on 0413221253 or email: rosslyn.marshall@gmail.com to book.