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Greetings to all Rotarians and friends in District 9455,
This past month I’ve travelled quite a few kilometres around this wonderful state we live in and continue to be in awe of all that is happening due to Rotary.  We should never take for granted the impact of what we do on our local community, whether in the metropolitan area or in the regions.  In all that you do in Rotary, you are making a difference in people’s lives in one way or another.
It is often lamented that we are known only for our sausage sizzles, or car parking assistance, yet is there anything more delicious than that sausage sizzle after a dawn Anzac service?  I had the privilege of being in Kununurra to assist at their gunfire breakfast at the dawn service; what an amazing experience.  It was estimated there were about 500 people or more, arriving in the dark and with the magpie geese honking quietly, the children’s choir and the backdrop of the sun rising over the red hills … the magpie goose up in the boab tree on Anzac Hill throughout the morning is an image I won’t forget. 
It is not long now to the closing of District 9455 and the opening of Rotary Western Australia.  It will be a new ‘dawn’ of Rotary in our state and the next Rotary year is filled with opportunities.  
If you haven’t already booked in for our celebration on 17th June, please check out the flier in this week’s Update.  Soon you will also be able to book in for 1st July at Government House, another wonderful historic occasion as we commemorate the first day of Rotary Western Australia.
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it ……
This month’s Public Image challenge … this is directed to the hundreds of you who have a Facebook page … are you are ‘watcher’?  Do you just check out everyone else’s and rarely post anything yourselves?  Or do you post frequently, as to where you are, who was with you, what you ate or saw?  Have you posted about ‘why’ you are in Rotary? If not, then even just a simple post about why you are a Rotarian, will have an impact on someone, somewhere.  If you already post about your ‘why’ then check when you last posted about an experience to do with Rotary and share it.  Social media is a powerful medium, a terrific tool in showing others what we do and why we do it.
Past challenges, in case you missed them:
  1. July - The first challenge was to check out if there is one of those Rotary road signs in your area or on your way as you move around our State.  Is it in good repair?  If not, then please remove or fix it as it will be detrimental to the public image of Rotary if it looks old and tired.
  1. August - Check your club’s website and see if it is up to date, particularly the calendar.  This is sometimes the first place prospective Rotarians look and if the information is old, it also doesn’t give a good impression as to the current situation of the club.
  1. September - When did you last talk to someone about why you are in Rotary and invite them to come with you to an event, project or a meeting?  If it was more than a month ago, then I challenge you to try it again … did you know that most people join Rotary because they were invited?
  1. October – Wear your Rotary pin, wear any pin you have that has the Rotary wheel on it.  You never know when it might spark a conversation with someone who may well become a Rotarian and thereby have the chance to get the same joy out of helping others that you do.
  1. November - Write an article, or a few words, to accompany a photo or photos of a Rotary activity. The community newspapers in particular are always looking for articles, and don’t stop there – The West is also keen to have ‘good news stories’ and we all know we want to see more of them. 
  1. December - visit the Brand Centre on My Rotary www.brandcenter.rotary.org You don’t even need to log in!  Check out the huge number of resources available to you and your club to share your activities with the world. The templates are free and easy to use, go for it!
  1. February – display the 4-Way Test at your place of work, or where you have your home office.  It is one way of sharing some of our strongest principles.
  1. March – consider joining our Public Image Team for Rotary Western Australia.
  1. April – check out other clubs’ websites and social media and compare with your own, are changes needed?
I look forward to seeing you at a Rotary event soon!
Yours in Rotary service,
Click the picture above to see and hear part of the Kununurra ANZAC service.
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Time is running out to register for the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne in May.
Click here or on the picture above to register.
Final event is in Kojonup Sunday 7th May
Click on the link or the flyer above to register for the Kojonup.
Registrations essential
It’s finally here! The “My Home” houses are nearing completion and 18 older women who are currently homeless will start moving into their new homes at the end of May.
Rotary WA has been a dedicated supporter of this “My Home” project and can proudly take credit for helping make these houses a reality. Rotary WA has provided homewares, furnishings and garden plants as well as bringing together other community groups such as Zonta, Soroptimists and Catholic Women’s League to work with us to transform the houses into very special homes.
Rotarians are invited to an Open House so they can inspect the houses on Saturday May 6 between 1 and 3pm

District Governor, Ineke Oliver, will welcome everyone and highlight the work of Rotary WA at 1.30pm.
PARKING. North Fremantle train station car park. Limited street parking in Congdon Street.
COME BY TRAIN. Direct access from North Fremantle train station.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Rotary Western Australia and
invite you to join us for this special occasion.
Tickets available at www.trybooking.com/CHWUE
Rotarians and friends of Rotary,
You are invited to Path of Hope Foundations annual Gala. Where we celebrate Rotary’s amazing efforts in breaking the intergenerational cycle of family violence and supporting the wonderful and hard work of The Salvation Army in Western Australia.
An evening of celebration, HOPE and free from fundraising to enjoy time with friends, good food and wonderful entertainment. 
This event is possible thanks to Rotarians passion and generous volunteering. 100% volunteer project!
For more information you are welcome to contact Rebecca Tolstoy | Perth Rotary 0408-931 456 or rebecca@tolstoyconsulting.com 
Rotary International is globally recognised and admired for its participation and passionate involvement in community development projects around the planet. As individual Rotarians we proudly participate, thorough our local chapters in supporting our local communities on a daily basis.
As a proud member of Rotary, and quite new to Rotary, I am also a proud member of The International Association for Community Development (IACD) https://www.iacdglobal.org/ . Monthly Zoom webinars are held where we discuss subjects such as poverty, homelessness, fund raising, natural disaster relief (Türkiye earthquake) and refugee aid (war in The Ukraine). Participants attend from countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Scotland, Kenya, South Africa, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. A world conference is held in a different country each year, this year the World Community Development Conference is held from June 20-22, 2023, at the Darwin Convention Centre, https://www.wcdc2023fromtheedge.org.au/
I will be attending this conference in Darwin this year as a proud member of Kwinana Rotary and Rotary WA, I encourage other Rotarians from WA to attend as it is a perfect opportunity for Rotarians to network and share ideas with other community development practitioners on an international stage.
Anthony Miller