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Rotary Training Facility, 5th floor
110 william Street
Perth, Australia 6000

Rotary Leadership Institute

Expand your knowledge of Rotary to get more out of Rotary

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) provides a great opportunity for Rotarians to update and expand their knowledge of Rotary and for new Rotarians the greatest benefit you are likely to get from this course is a knowledge about Rotary, how it is structured, how it works and its wide breadth of programs. You will meet Rotarians from other clubs and share experiences and learn about different projects.

Attending RLI is excellent preparation for anyone who is a Director on their club’s board or who may be looking to become a Club President or you may just want to be a Rotarian. The broader understanding of Rotary and its programs you will gain from attending RLI will give you greater confidence to take on a leadership role in your club and to perform it effectively.

The RLI course is made up of TWO one day facilitated workshop. All reading material is provided and there is no need for prior preparation and there are no assignments.

There is no cost to your participation. This is one of the services that your District provides to clubs and individual Rotarians.

Morning Tea and Lunch is provided.

To register your interest in attending, simply contact Hank de Smit by telephone on

0419 926425 or by email on or simply go online to and book in upcoming events.