Rotary Training Facility
5th Floor
110 William St
Perth, WA  6000
Does Rotary as we know it today have a future?  Will we be here in 20 years?  What should we look like?  Are you wanting to make an investment for the future?
District 9455 is looking to the future and is wanting Rotarians with a strong vision for a progressive, creative and dynamic future to be part of this journey.  If you are challenged and thinking progressively about how we will being doing Rotary in the next 10 years so it is attractive, connected, relevant and viable, then read on.  
I invite and encourage you to nominate to be an active contributor to a workshop that will be seriously challenging how we do Rotary.  Do we need to disrupt, revolutionise, reconceptualise, deconstruct and rebuild?  The workshop is about creating new ideas and the Board of D9455 is serious about supporting and incubating new possibilities that emerge from this process.
The interactive Workshop will be help on Saturday 11th August 2018, 9am till 3pm  at the Perth District Office and Training Facility on the 5th floor 110 William Street in Perth.
If you wish to nominate please email me at dg@rotarydistrict9455.org with a brief statement why you believe you would be able to make a significant contribution to, and investment in, the process. Participants will be selected to give us a broad range of views and we particularly want to ensure that newer Rotarians and emerging leaders participate.  Please note that the numbers of participants will need to be limited due to the style of workshop we are planning.