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Rotary Training Facility
5th Floor
110 William St
Perth, WA  6000

Rotary Four Way Test Adjudication Training Session

Saturday 20 July

2.00-3.30 pm

Central Office 

The purpose of the afternoon is for Rotarians to explore the Information Package, explore the Rotary Adjudication sheet, rate students according to criteria provided, determine the winner, plus tips on how to give feedback should this be necessary. At the training session practice sessions will give Rotarians confidence they can be fantastic judges. No experience is needed. Adjudication of the Rotary Four Way Test has been trialled and refined over several years and we are confident that, working as a team,  Rotarians are well equipped to adjudicate at the club level. 

By Tuesday 9 July, please confirm your club’s attendance at the Adjudication Training Session on Saturday 20 July. The speaking contest needs three adjudicators working as a team so three Rotarians from each club would make sure the contest is well supported. The names of attendees would also be a help.