Clubs are invited to complete a Nomination Form this year to assist the District Award Committee in select the winning club for 2019-20.
As you are aware the selection criteria last year, that was distributed to clubs, was defined as follows:
 1. Newsletter / Bulletin
                a)  Rotary Content
                b) Club Information
                c) Club Activities
                d) Format and Presentation
                e) Display Content
                f)  Rotary Foundation
 2. Electronic Media Incorporating Website, Facebook and Twitter.
                a) Content
                b) Public Usage and  information
                c) Promotion of Club and Rotary
                d)  Interaction with community
                e) Member usage
                f) Links to other Rotary websites
                g) Updates
                h) Ease of navigation
A weighting of 50%  will be allocated to each of the two categories, i.e. Newsletter/Bulletin and Electronic Media. The weighting will be reviewed in subsequent years. The club that wins the Communication Award will be the club that has the highest combined score for the two categories.
Last year, clubs were requested to provide access / links, to the members of the selection committee, to their electronic media, as well as copies of their newsletters/bulletins. Whilst copies of their newsletters/bulletins were distributed only two clubs provided access to their electronic media.
Please submit your Club’s nomination form to no later than the 30th August, 2020. 
Click here to download Club Nomination for Communication Award 2019-20
NOTE: Please send copies of your Newsletter/Bulletin either electronically or at lease 3 hard copies to the District Awards Committee.