A list of District Property is listed below, as well as where it is located.
Please contact:
District Property Officer: Mike McAuliffe (Scarborough)
Please give Mike at least 48 hours’ notice of your intent to borrow any items, and return them promptly so other Clubs may use the property.  Please notify Mike of any damage upon return.

Location of Property
At the Osborne Park Location – Braeco Sales. 8 Leeway Court, Osborne Park, 6017
Rotary Flags, various
Flag Poles – undressed
Flag Pole bases
Pull – up Banners in various states of repair
Rotary Banners and Stands
Rotary Tear drop banner
Easels and paper etc – used for Club Visioning & training sessions etc
Perth Office, William St:
Data projector
One very large portable screen
Microphones and Speakers
Table top screen
Flag pole base water bags
Please note lap top speakers and accessories are now in the Perth Office