The time has come!
I am excited to invite you to apply for a key role in the new District. There are two opportunities: District Leadership Team and District Committees (outlined below).
The current Rotary International theme is ‘Imagine Rotary’ which has special meaning for us. This is an incredible and rare opportunity to create a new future for Rotary in Western Australia.
It is an enormous privilege to be leading the new District as it comes into existence. Please consider joining me.
District Leadership Team
The leadership team’s focus is to support our clubs to thrive and grow. We have created an innovative new structure to reflect this focus.
Where could your skills and passion fit? Have a look at the Leadership Team structure
The available roles are (click on title to access Role Description):
What if you haven’t had a leadership role in Rotary before? That is not a requirement, you might be the exact person we are looking for.   
Are you unsure? Do you want to talk it over? Please email me (see address below) to make a time. I would love to hear from you, and we can explore it together.
District Committees
You might be interested in joining one of the following new committees:
  • Public Image: promoting and representing Rotary to the community
  • Social Impact: ushering in a new area of impact measurement for Rotary in Western Australia, in partnership with a leading university
  • New Clubs: supporting the formation of new clubs including cause-based, satellite, new locations etc
  • Membership: providing a ‘concierge’ service for prospective members, supporting new members, and club resources
  • Training: including sessions for Presidents Elect, club officers, clubs and members
Please click on the link/s below to submit an Expression of Interest for any of the roles that interest you. You can apply for more than one!   
If you have any questions or want to arrange a chat, please email me inekeoliver@gmail.com
Ineke Oliver
District Governor Elect D9423, Rotary Western Australia