Past District Governors & College of Governors
Rotary was introduced into Australia on 11th April 1921 and was originally operated by Commissioners.  Professor W.A Osborne was appointed Commissioner for Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, and Sir Henry Braddon for New South Wales and Queensland.  By 1928 all 17 clubs in Australia had become Rotary District 65 (or, more commonly known as, the 65th District).  It was formed on 15th September 1927 with Fred Birks of the Rotary Club of Sydney as the first District Governor.   The following lists the District Governors for D9455 and its predecessor Districts from this time.
The College of Governors is an advisory council of active Past District Governors (PDGs) within D9455. It provides guidance to the current District Governor and District officers over a wide range of issues. Its counsel is based on the individual experiences of the PDGs during the time they served the District and Rotary.  * denotes membership of the College of Governors.
Updated 2023-05-02