The Rotary Leadership Institute—or simply Rotary Learning—is a multi-district, grassroots, Rotary knowledge and leadership development program.   RLI’s mission is to provide a comprehensive educational opportunity for all interested Rotarians.

 Greater knowledge of Rotary and Rotary International programs provides for a more fulfilling and enriched membership of your Rotary club.

 The program is conducted across three sessions and is designed for learning to be a shared experience through interactive as well as informative sessions.   The opportunity to share that learning with Rotarians from different clubs further enriches the experience and gives access to new personal connections.

  •  Session 1 covers:  Insights into Leadership, The structure of Rotary, How to Engage Members, What Rotary Foundation is all about, Ethics and Vocational Service and how to go about planning and executing a Service Project.
  •  Session 2 covers:  Using Strategic planning and analysis to make improvements to your club, Understanding how to use Rotary Foundation and the key concepts of Rotary programs, Good Club Communications, Team Building and how to attract New and Effective Members
  •  Session 3 covers:  International Service and making connections around the world, Effective Leadership Strategies, Exploring opportunities for personal, community and professional growth and development, Public Image & Public Relations, Undertaking meaningful Vocational Service Activities, and finally, Making a Difference using your own experience and growth through RLI to help improve the path for others to follow.
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District Chair:
          Hank de Smit