Aboriginal Reference Group

District 9455’s Aboriginal Reference Group is a facilitatory group that Clubs can call upon to assist them to establish strategic partnerships / alliances with Western Australian Aboriginal communities for the purposes of:
1. Understanding aboriginal culture, values and practices - this understanding makes mutual projects effective.
2. Establishing strong, respectful relationships with Aboriginal people – which are critical to being able to work effectively together towards a common goal with each party understanding the other’s perspective/s.
3. Assisting Aboriginal groups in recording their language, history and culture … before the traditional carriers die out.
4. Assisting Non-Indigenous and Aboriginal people each to develop frameworks for working in the third space between both cultures.
5. Empowering Aboriginal people by offering them opportunities, skills, knowledge and experience so that they can develop the confidence and competence to make sound decisions.
6. To encourage Aboriginal people to up-date and modernise their culture.
In order to achieve these aims, the Aboriginal Group may provide guidelines, research and suggest options or occasionally work collaboratively with Clubs and Aboriginal communities.
Chair:    Bruce Dufty (Western Endeavour)
Members:                                                                                        Aboriginal Consultants:
1. DG Charles Johnson – ex-officio (Matilda Bay)                          1. Dr Noel Nannup (Noongar)
2. DGN Graham Peden (Perth)                                                       2. Gordon Cole (Noongar)
3. PDG Phillip Skelton (Perth)                                                         3. Karen Jacobs (Noongar)
4. PDG Sylvia Byers (Mosman Park)                                              4. Taliah Payne (Nimanburu)
5. PP Gary Slee (Karratha)                                                              5. Ellery Blackman (Queensland)
6. Dr Colin Hughes (Swan Valley)                                                    6. Vacant
7. Peter Stone (Morley)                                                                    7. Vacant
8. Leonie Dobrowski, Aboriginal Culture                                           
    and Art Interests                                                                          Other Consultants
9. Jane Boxall, Aboriginal Culture Qual. & Interests                        1. Dr Andrew Turk, Adjunct Professor
10. Sheryl Bryan (Moora)                                                                     Murdoch University
11. Dawn Brodie (Osborne Park)                                                     2. Chris Oakeley (Matilda Bay)
12. Margaret “Maggie” & Mark O’Reilly-Small (Northam)
13. Dominic Carrington (Perth)
14. Ellisa Bargh (Crawley)