The Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank

The Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank is the Rotary Centenary gift to the WA community from the Rotary Clubs & Rotarians of WA.
In 2005, in celebration of Rotary International’s 100th birthday, Rotary WA committed to fundraising $6M to establish the Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank as a special gift to the people of WA.
This massive project has now completed its construction and equipping phases. Currently validation and testing of all the complex installations is being finalised. After certification by the TGA (a major project) it will be able to commence the collection and storage of cords for its lifesaving work.  
Please contact Peter if you need a guest speaker particularly to update your newer members and to explain why we still need financial contributions from your club.

Contact:  PDG Peter McKerracher (Matilda Bay)