Homelessness strikes a chord with many Rotary Clubs in the Perth area, and it is their wish to become involved in projects that mitigate or help end homelessness in Perth.  Some Clubs are already well into projects, while others are looking for the right sort of project to start on. The Homeless Hub function is to have Rotary working as a coherent entity to bring its singular and unique capabilities to bear on the Homelessness issue - aligned to WA State and Agency Homelessness strategies.  It will do this by: 1) Supporting projects across the District; 2) Shaping the overall project portfolio; 3) Keeping Rotary connected to the wider Homelessness world and 4) Advocating for homeless people.  The Homeless Hub is chaired by Ken Mullin on ken.mullin@iinet.net.au
The Homeless Hub has developed a Strategic Directions paper for Rotary's efforts to address Homelessness.
Rotary Homeless Projects
Rotary does a large number of homelessness projects - see document.  Here is a selection of the larger ones:
WA Alliance to End Homelessness (WA AEH)
The WA Alliance To End Homelessness is comprised of the major Homelessness organisations in WA that have come together to end homelessness in Western Australia.  The Alliance has prepared the WA Strategy to End Homelessness, collectively developed by representatives from homelessness services, people experiencing homelessness, service funders, and members of our community.‚Äč