International Projects

District Chair: PDG Ron Geary (Belmont) 
International Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.
Responsibilities of the District International Service Committee are to support Clubs in their initiating, running or participating in international projects by:
  • Being a source of information and advice to Clubs
  • Liaising with and as required meeting with each of the District committees that coordinate some international projects
  • Providing guidance to those committees on District policies
  • Reporting through the District Director Avenues of Service to the District Board relevant matters for Board information or  decision
  • Coordinating publication on the District website of a short outline of the international projects run by each Club.
District Resource Network
An initiative of the RI Board and Trustees has led to driving expansion of project enhancement in all six of Rotary’s Areas of Focus in all Rotary Districts. It takes the form of a new District Resource Network which comprises lists of resources for use by Clubs.

The lists will be placed on the D9455 website and the experts on them can be approached by project leaders for advice in the planning, execution, and evaluation of projects.
  • People in existing groups and whose advice can be sought now. Such groups include:
    • The Rotary Foundation’s Cadre of Technical Advisers. See
    • Rotarian Action Groups, such as the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) see . For the full list of nearly 30 Rotarian Action Groups go to then sign on to MyRotary then find Join a Rotarian action Group by using the search facility. The list, flier, annual report, a presentation, and the directory with contacts for all the Rotarian Action Groups can be found there.
    • And in D9455 there will also be a list of all the International projects being undertaken by each of our Clubs and the Club contact for those projects. Clubs have already been asked to provide the necessary information.

      Contact: PDG Ron Geary (Belmont) 
Updated 2022-07-11