National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

NYSF is conducted over three two week residential programs held in Canberra (2 sessions,) and Brisbane (1 session,) in January annually. It is  aimed at opening up the possibilities of a career in the STEM areas, (Science; Technology; Engineering and Maths,) for students about to enter Year 12. A series of seminars, debates, workshops and visits to various science, engineering and technology organisations enables science students to gain firsthand experience. As each sessions involves 200 students, it is a great opportunity for
students interested in the STEM areas to meet other similar minded students and
establish connections for life.
Rotary provides essential support by interviewing, selecting and part-sponsoring applicants.  Information is sent direct to clubs and schools from the NYSF office in Canberra in February annually.
Critical dates are:
· Student applications:  between 1st March to 31st May annually.
· Clubs:  forward applications to District Coordinator by 30th June annually.
· Selection Day:  usually last Saturday in July.
· Orientation Day:  for students, their family, Rotary and teachers, usually in Sept/Oct.
A very prestigious program and clubs are encouraged to participate.
Chair: Allan McLean (Heirisson)