Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)

RYPEN is weekend leadership camp, held once a year and supported by D9455 Clubs. It is a successful youth program, where selected Year 10 students, across different high  schools in Western Australia, gather in a safe and supportive environment. 
RYPEN is a  live-in “participation workshop”


RYPEN aims to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their potential and self esteem, provide experiences  that will assist them to form their own values and moral standards, and to broaden their cultural, social and academic horizons.

RYPEN encourages young people  to explore their ideas of problem solving in team and group activities. 

RYPEN is about building young people’s confidence and  developing their skills to cope in  a wide range of situations.

WHO IS RYPEN FOR? The weekend camp is an award for Year 10 students.


Year 10 students who have leadership potential and other  positive personal attributes, who are community minded and actively involved in the community or who demonstrate the potential for involvement in community programs.
It is considered that the camp would be both a reward and recognition for their efforts. 
Those selected must be prepared to follow the code of behaviour for the weekend i.e. based on courtesy, commonsense and cooperation so that everyone receives the maximum  benefit.


Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre,  1 Stock Rd Bicton WA 6157.

Camp Dates: 15 - 17 May 2020

Deadline for applicants: 24 April 2020

If your application is successful, you will be contacted by your sponsoring club to submit payment of $75. The club will inform you of the acceptable payment methods.

Regarding applications:

Once the online application has been submitted, a scanned, signed copy of the guardian consent form ( and a passport-style photo of the applicant must be sent to the RYPEN email address.


Regarding the backpack letter:

A copy of the backpack letter should be available and school principals or yr 10 coordinators should be directed to distribute a copy alongside any parent letters, or to any nominated students.
              FINAL acceptance will be 24 April 2020 – No exceptions
District Contact: Beatrice Cervi           
Chair:         Amir Mansur (Mt Lawley)
Treasurer:  Ted Wilhelm (Perth)
Contact Details:
                               Level 5, 110 William St
                               Perth WA 6000
RYPEN 2020 forms and information.