Contact: Your Assistant Governor
School Link provides a coordinated mechanism to establish ongoing, mutually-beneficial links between Rotary clubs and high schools (and their feeder primary schools) to foster participation in the many Rotary Youth Service projects. It is tar-geted primarily at Government High Schools but non-Government High Schools may be included.
A major challenge associated with implementing Rotary Youth Programs is the dif-ference between the school year and the Rotary year. Most schools do their plan-ning in the October and November prior to the following school year, so it is im-portant that clubs wishing to promote Youth Programs get involved with their link school/s prior to their schools’ planning (ie: prior to October).
Suggested approaches to schools include:
 Identifying appropriate school personnel for different Rotary Youth Programs. As each school may have different personnel being responsible, it is each club's task to become familiar with internal workings of their school over the school year.
 Suggesting joint community/school projects.
 Inviting the Principal and/or senior staff to attend club meetings, so communication is a two-way process and all club members have personal contact with their club’s linked school.

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