Rotary volunteers packing Foodbank hampers - April-May 2022
The spread of COVID through Western Australian communities has severely impacted the number of regular and corporate volunteers across Foodbank WA’s five regional branches and the Perth Centre for Hunger Relief.  Since April, Rotarians have stepped up to help pack pantry staple hampers along with various other bundles such as coffee and tea packs, and hygiene packs amongst others. 
Matilda Bay members have done seven shifts, and Heirisson Rotarians have also done two mornings with another being scheduled - just to mention a few of the 30 groups who have volunteered so far!
Hundreds of hampers and bundles are prepared each shift meaning those most vulnerable in our communities around WA are being helped. 
The hampers are distributed across WA through Foodbank WA’s six branches, Mobile Foodbank service and into remote communities, to help people doing it tough. With winter approaching, and COVID still impacting our communities this is unlikely to be alleviated anytime soon.
Rotarians who have participated have all enjoyed the experience. Some say that, yes, the packing line can use a few unfamiliar muscles, but all involved have found the experience rewarding.  The work is not arduous, and all reasonable precautions are taken. They say it’s a chance to catch up with others and do a bit of team building.
If Rotarians are willing to put a team together, small or large, of club members or friends, then they can contact to arrange a mutually convenient date and time. 
Rotary also assists Foodbank WA in other ways, especially around the festive season, with Give a FeedCans for Christmas and other initiatives.